Broxbourne Woods, Hertfordshire

Broxbourne Woods is Hertfordshire’s only national nature reserve (NNR). It includes vast swathes of ancient woodland, woodland pasture and newly planted areas.

It is predominantly a mix of Sessile Oaks, Hornbeam and Silver Birches, but there are areas of Beech woodland and non-native conifers, too.

The site is also rich in wildlife, with a variety of bird species associated with ancient woodland can be spotted or heard. The morning birdsong is of particular delight in both Wormley Wood and Hoddesdon Park Wood. Both also boast excellent butterfly populations, where rare species such as the purple emperor and white admiral are frequently spotted.

Hoar Frost

After The Rain


Frosted Saplings

Reaching Out, Ivinghoe Common, Ashridge by Tim Smalley

Morning Glow

Late Evening, Bencroft Wood

Frost & Fog

Dancing In The Rain

Fallen Hornbeams & Silver Birches

The Path To Nut Wood

Reeds & Ice

Ancient Pollards & Coppices

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